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Markets and Businesses are Changing

For all my friends and families who are in business or businesses, this is for you all… It’s widely experienced, markets/businesses are not static and are fluctuating constantly. The changes are unpredictable but often alarming. Tap – along everyday for few rounds of EFT till you feel better. By tapping you are clearing the blocks and releasing the old stuck…

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How NLP helped sportsman : Sachin pulled me out of injury and depression – Arvind

Ace international shuttler Arvind Bhat’s world come crashing down when he suffered an ankle injury in 2006 that put him out of action for virtually the entire year. Contemplating retirement at 26 and even deciding to resume his studies, he found second wind when Sachin Tendulkar gave him a little pep talk. Bhat listened, reversed his decision and achieved his career’s best…

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