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Clearing Negative Emotions

Emotions such as Stress, Depression, Fear, Worry, Anger, Hurt and Guilt takes us in a roller coaster ride. An evening workshop giving you tools & techniques to deal with your negative emotions. This workshop will help you release these unwanted emotions and feelings.

Common person’s issues:

  • I’m unable to cope with the workload in the office
  • I’m unable to take care of children at home
  • I’m unable to focus on studies in school & college
  • I can’t achieve my best in life
  • I don’t know what to do
  • I cant forgive my mother / father / brother / sister for what they did to me
  • I can’t meet the doctors for stress / I don’t want to take psychiatry drugs
  • I fear success, I fear failure, I fear public speaking, I fear social gathering, etc
  • I can’t control my anger / I’m going mad at everything and everyone

Workshop Highlights:

  • Get quick relief from the physical and emotional pain
  • Disconnect your stress triggers so that you can handle the stresses of the day much more comfortably.
  • I’m unable to focus on studies in school & college
  • Prepare for stressful events so that you can be at your best rather than your worst.
  • Learn how negative emotions disrupt your energy system

How does it work:

  • There will be an initial 30-45min session with the Health Coach before the workshop
  • The workshop is for 4-5hours in the evening hours.
  • One 20min follow-up session after 15 days of the workshop and another 20min follow up session after 30 days of the workshop.