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I Can Help You Lose Weight

Most people who join the gym or take up some activity to shed flab and look fab, fail miserably after an initial euphoria of losing a few inches or kilos. They are not cheating their way through the fitness regimen, neither they are insincere about their efforts to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Mostly people focus on dieting and exercising as the first option to lose weight but unfortunately it’s the wrong approach

I know how it feels like… Feeling overwhelmed by the weight, feeling unattractive, lacking self-esteem and self-confidence, all the while worrying about  the extra weight, all the while worrying about what to eat and what to avoid.

You may have tried walking, jogging, gyming, dieting, herbal pills, waist belts, other nutrients and many other ways to lose weight but to your disappointment you had been losing and gaining the weight again and again. Keeping it plain and simple nothing seemed to be working for YOU!

Do you make resolutions to lose weight every once in month and you have been failing to lose weight? Researchers have looked at success rates of people’s resolutions: The first two weeks usually go along beautifully, but by the mid of the month people are backsliding. Dr. Avya Sharma of the Canadian Obesity Network say that people set unrealistic goals and expectations in their resolutions and that is the reason they fail. According to researcher John Norcross and his colleagues, who published their findings in the Journal of Clinical Psychology, approximately 50% of the population who makes resolutions each New Year and among the top resolutions are weight loss, exercise, stopping smoking, better money management and debt reduction.

The other aspect of failed resolutions lies in the cause and effect relationship. You may think that by losing weight your entire life will change and when it doesn’t, you get discouraged and then you revert back to old behaviors.

“End the Weight Loss Struggle and create a body that you like”

Now here is the thing, the secret to weight loss is driven by the unconscious patterns, beliefs, emotions, past events, and programming in your brain… Making resolutions (like losing weight) work involves changing behaviors — and in order to change a behavior, one has to change their thinking (or “rewire” their brain).

How do you gain weight?

Getting an understanding of The Two Phases Of Disease helps in becoming clear about how conditions work in the body. According to Meta-Health Number #1 reason behind weight gain: A large volume of people who are overweight have emotional or past trauma challenges (UDIN moments) contributing to their weight gain. The emotional conflict related to weight gain has to do with feeling abandoned, feeling isolated, feeling as a refugee, feeling lonely.

The number #2 reason behind weight gain: Again people don’t value themselves, they think they are not good enough, their body is not worth it, and they are worthless with the huge body and shape. So as these things are running in their mind it forms a sort of belief that “They aint good enough” and this affects the medulla of the brain.

From a META-HEALTH perspective being overweight is caused by an emotional issue related to self- worth.

“The worries are endless. The pain and anxiety weight on you heavily. No amount of physical exercise will help you unless you learn to handle your emotions.” -Times of India, Times Life! July 29, 2012, Sunday

Ask yourself a simple question:
  • *Was there a time where you were left all alone to fend for yourself and you were abandoned?
  • *What emotion comes up when you think about your body and its shape?
  • Imagine for a minute what it would feel like to have an ideal body…
  • Imagine being slimmer and more confident…
  • Imagine keeping the weight away for good…
  • Feeling attractive and beautiful…
  • Feeling happy in groups of people…
Does this feel like impossibility to you? It is not!!!!

This programme is for those who want to lose weight naturally, for those who have tried everything but still don’t lose weight, for those who have an over-weight history in their family, for those whose weight keeps fluctuating, for those whose weight has stuck or freezed. This system is based on new scientific studies, it is of great value in helping people attain and maintain their ideal weight. The system has no physical exercises, diet plans, meditation or any restrictions, but it aims the emotional issues that underlie cravings, over-eating, unwanted habits and obsessive behaviors. Once the emotional blocks are discovered the weight shifts (reduces) gradually and naturally.


Don’t let unwanted, unresolved, unaddressed emotions stand between you and your ideal body. Come along and discover how effortless it can be to lose weight. What will you learn in this programme

  • Discover how you can take control over how and what you eat.
  • Discover your new self.
  • Get freedom from emotional eating.
  • Learn how to Address Your Cravings.
  • The importance of language in losing weight.
  • Program your mind for a slim body.
  • Understand the weight loss process.
  • Understand why you are overweight/fat.
 How does it work

It’s simple book an appointment for the Introductory Consultation and book your sessions when you think this programme is JUST FOR YOU!

This programme will show you a completely different approach to weight loss so you can finally achieve your goal whether you have been trying to lose weight for weeks, months, years or even decades.