Career Coaching

CAREER COACHING for 10th& 12th Students:

  • Which career direction is right for me?
  • Are you choosing a career which your parents want you to do?
  • Are you choosing a career because 'xyz' is earning 15-20 lakhs/annum?
  • Are you confused about your career?

I’m sure 5-6 years later you don’t want to repent on making a wrong career choice. Choose career coaching to find out what you want to do in life. It’s effective, and you will get the right solution.

If you want to get into a right career, work with a career coach who will help you to understand who you are to enable you to discover a career to bring you personal satisfaction and happiness. In one-to-one sessions we will get clear on what you really want from your life and why that’s important to you. We will focus on who you are; your interests, your skills, your strengths, your abilities, your motivation factor, your personality, your values, your career goals and many more.

How does it work?

Initially, we meet up for a casual chat about your career, approximately 30-45 minutes to discuss the above and we take it from there. There will be minimum three sessions and any extra if required with optional psychometric test.