Emotional Wellbeing for Schools / Colleges

Why a workshop on Emotional Wellbeing for student’s?

Emotional health and school performance go hand in hand. When student are in good emotional and mental health, they will generally feel confident, content and be happy with high self-esteem. This will keep them focused and motivated in school / university and will help them to overcome challenges and set goals for the future. Educating student on their emotional health is the key to their success with strong evidence that mental and emotional wellbeing underpins successful learning and enables them to realise their potential and enhance learning.

Our workshops are lively, interactive, engaging, filled with activities, giving healthy foundations from which students build and grow. Our workshop can help students to recognise the early signs of deteriorating mental health, in themselves and others, enabling them to take appropriate action before problems get out of hand. Students are also introduced to coping skills for dealing with anger, anxiety and stress.

Every workshop we deliver can be tailored to the needs and resources that the school requires.

Why a workshop on Emotional Wellbeing for teachers / staffs?

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping children’s life, academically, socially and emotionally. If we are serious about student wellbeing then we have to be equally serious about teacher wellbeing. The wellbeing of teachers is critical to the education, behaviour and mental health of students. When wellbeing is at the heart of school / university values and practice, then other things follow in a virtuous cycle – better mental health and resilience, student engagement, and academic outcomes. Therefore, addressing the wellbeing of teachers is a vital step to addressing the wellbeing of students.

These are factors which can cause stress for teachers at school / universities

  • Completion of curriculum and setting up tests, exam papers.
  • Parent’s behaviour.
  • School environment.
  • Lack of learning opportunities.
  • Physical and Emotional demands of being teacher.
  • Teachers striving for perfection.
  • Team building and Poor communication

As a school / university when you are caring for the emotional wellbeing of students, it easy to forget your own. But to fully support the students in your care, you need to make sure your own teachers/staff are cared for too. The quality of the teacher-student relationship is not only the most critical factor in effective education, it also links to feelings of teacher efficacy and wellbeing.

“When wellbeing is a central platform everything else follows”