META Health

META-Medicine® is a model for diagnosing disease that is based on how the body reacted to a specific stressful event which affected the body, mind, and spirit, social and environmental balance of a person.

Learn what caused a disease in you and uncover the strategies for healing process:
  • Ever wondered why you keep falling sick very often?
  • Ever has your doctor told you the reason for aches, pains and illness?
  • 99% of the time, doctors can’t explain why you get cough, asthma or eczema…
But META-Medicine (now META-Health) provides the answers for everything.
Meta Health

As many people believe, and science is finally coming to their senses and understanding, there is a mind, body, spirit, and environmental connection with our health. This means that a highly stressful or significant emotional event in your life, something that was a shock to you and where you did not have a strategy to deal with this shock, can affect your health. This we believe in META-Medicine® to be the start of a disease process. We then work with you to find the unique stressful event which caused your disease process to occur. We know that when one of these unique shocks happen it affects you on all levels of your being, therefore the Mind, Body, Spirit, Social, and Environment. Our aim is to assist you through your disease process quickly by unfolding the reason why you had the shock and then working with that information we work out the a therapy plan for you.

Diseases start in META-Medicine terms because there is trapped energy as the result of a biological conflict; emotions are part of the trapped energy. The person is holding onto something or someone’s actions that they cannot let go of. The conflicts start because we are threatened by these situations. We react just like an animal and our body ‘changes’ biologically to assist us through the stressful threat. It’s usually only one part of one organ that is ‘changed’. Once the threat is gone, the body repairs the ‘changes’. This is what we commonly know as illness because the repair takes a lot of energy. The body focuses all its energy on that one organ to repair it.

Meta-Medicine® represents a massive paradigm shift in our way of thinking about disease and it also seems to answers why diseases keep reoccurring and therefore the possibility as to how this type of issue might be solved.