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Addiction Free Workshop

An addiction can be to any substance or behaviour one feels compelled to eat, drink, take, have or do. Addiction is a challenge that affects the lives of many people – either yours or someone you love. Addiction started because it appeared to be comforting. This addiction was an attempt to solve a problem but the addiction then became a problem itself.

Overcoming addiction is one of the greatest challenges any one faces.  Often it requires every modality available like medical support, social support, family support and persistence. A person struggling with addiction is most often an individual who is emotionally stuck in past negative events. For a positive long-term resolution of any addiction, one has to address the root causes, which are the unresolved emotional issues behind the addiction. For example, an alcoholic who began drinking excessively after a job loss would ultimately need to do tapping around his feelings of job loss, rather than just tapping on the alcohol abuse. To do that, of course, that person has to want to stop drinking, and be willing to engage in the addiction recovery process.

This workshop augments and supports the client at every step in the recovery process.  It reduces stress and anxiety; it treats trauma and other negative emotions, it eliminates barriers to treatment and increases self-care. In addition to addiction, you can also gain relief from both physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms by working with Meta-Health, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Bach Flower Remedies, and various other International standard modalities.

Benefits of this workshop

  • Learn scientific and advanced techniques to quit the substance addiction
  • Learn what emotions addiction is trying to compensate. For e.g. grief, fear, shame, ego, etc.
  • Learn how to easily get relief from your cravings for the substance abuse.
  • Increase physical, mental, emotional and spiritual focus.

How does it work?

  • There will be an initial 30-45min session with the Health Coach before the workshop.
  • The workshop is for 4-5hours during evening hours.
  • One 20min follow-up session after 15 days of the workshop and another 20min follow up session after 30 days of the workshop.

Who can do this workshop?

  • People who want to quit smoking.
  • People who want to quit Gutka, Khara, etc.
  • People who run their businesses.