We all think diabetes is a condition brought about by high levels of sugar, here is an understanding of how emotions could be the cause for diabetes.

We all often think that diabetes is a condition that is brought about by the rise of blood sugar levels in our body. But did you know that your emotions play a large role in mitigating the start and progression of this condition? Yes, according to META-Health, suppressed emotions and trauma locked inside our subconscious memory are leading causes for the onset of diabetes.

What is META-Health and how can it help a diabetic patient?

META-Health is a diagnostic tool that helps us to identify the root cause of a health disorder. It does not diagnose the health issue, as conventional medicine does but finds out the emotional and biological cause of the health issues. The stressful events that happen in anyone life are sudden, unexpected, dramatic and leave us feeling lonely; often we do not know how to deal with them. These events get stored in our subconscious mind and have an impact on our brain, mind, body, and psyche. Our behavior completely changes after the stressful event. If we sort the emotional conflict, behind the disease, we can deal with any disease.

An individual comes to a META-Health practitioner with proper diagnosis from the doctor saying he has diabetes. After this the META-Health practitioner will find out which traumatic event has caused the conflict. He will fit the pieces of the puzzle together and resolve the conflicts. The practitioner will not only help diagnose the biological and emotional reason of the problem but also help the client to find out the triggers that could have caused problem. He will also identify family patterns, beliefs and values causing the problems.

How does META-Health diagnose the reason for diabetes?

First lets understand the word DIABETES, this word can be broken into two words ‘Dia’ which means across or through, and Bête/ beith which means house. Diabetes mellitus, the term Diabetes mellitus also comes from the Greek word, which means ‘sweet’. This could mean that the individual has lost sweetness of his life, which could be loss of a person, place or possession, which were a part of their life and no longer exist in their space in the same way as they did previously, hence their system is now searching for that sweetness.

Another meaning of the word Diabetes also comes from the Greek word ‘siphon’ which means losing fluid. According to the evolutionary theory we were aquatic animals. When we lost water that is when we had to leave it to become terrestrial animals and had to cope up with the insecurity of life without water. In today’s materialistic world this also equates to losing money or liquidity, which leave us feeling insecure with fear and disgust for future. Since the Economic meltdown amplifies the process of diabetes which multiplies in families from the fear of not having enough money to cope up with life. Immigration and a partition of nations and families could also have the same effect.

The reasoning behind the two types of diabetes:

Type I or juvenile diabetes

In this condition the pancreas stop producing insulin. Symptoms include pronounced thirst and hunger, frequent urination, fatigue, nausea and vomiting and weight loss. The age of onset is usually younger than twenty years.

Let’s understand Juvenile Diabetes, from META-Health point of view:

If we split the word juvenile into ‘juve’ which means ‘a young child’, and ‘nil’ means zero. The word diabetes has been explained earlier. Hence in juvenile diabetes. The a young child feels that his/her entire childhood has come to stand still because the house has been broken into two, or the child feels invisible or small in the group he belongs to.

Kavita Freedom, one of the five META-Health Practitioner in India today, and Anu Mehta’s student managed to help a child with juvenile diabetes. Here us this child’s story and how Kavita resolved his issues.

This child witnessed fights between his parents, which created extreme unresolved anger in him. He was not allowed to express his anger or stand up against his mother and father who were authority figures for him. He was disgusted with his father and fearful of him at the same time. He resented that his mother did not take his side. This caused huge mood swings. The emotional conflict behind the problems in the functioning of Beta cells of pancreas is fear and disgust.

To deal with unresolved anger a huge amount of sugar was getting built up in his blood, as he wanted to fight his parents but at the same time was trying his best to avoid fights, and hence his muscles were not using the sugar. Since beta cells were destroyed, and there was no insulin to maintain sugar levels, his blood sugar levels rose. The alpha cells of the pancreas were affected, and the child felt fear for his life, health and security for his future. This made him feel separated from his parents. He felt disgusted with his parent’s behavior, and felt he was forced to take sides between his parents. This caused constant conflict and diabetes sets in. Kavita helped him to resolve his fear, anger and disgust and he was restored to health.

Type II diabetes

This type of diabetes is slow to detect. Its symptoms include pronounced thirst and hunger, frequent urination, fatigue, slow wound healing, tingling in hands or feet, frequent infections and sudden weight gain or loss. The age of onset is usually older than forty years, although today it affects younger people too. In this condition the person is usually over weight and according to conventional medicine the causative factors are lack of exercise, poor diet, obesity and genetics.

A META-Health understanding of the condition

People around the age of forty are under constant stress of educating and settling their children and at the same time taking care of aging parents. Coupled with this is the huge fear of losing their loved ones. They do not want things to change, yet have no control over the changes that may be happening in their life. Life seems to be an endless chain of responsibilities without any respite. They feel torn between their children and parents.

The other causes of this stress can be divorce, separation, immigration, family disputes, terrorist attacks, communal riots, split of a joint family, break ups or death of children, parents or a pet, or being forced to do things they would rather not do. In short being in a job or a situation that you don’t want to be in. Our body has never makes a mistake, it overcompensates for desires and needs and this compensation a disease. The individual may be longing for softness, and love in relationships and justice.

How is it treated with META-Healing?

The person needs to deal with the emotional clutter he/she is carrying and the subsequent change in their perceptions. Replacing the responsibility burden and anger present in diabetics with fun, reconnection with loved ones and self. Delegation of work in the whole family and creating a conducive environment of support, softness and love in the family helps solve this issue. In short by changing the internal and external environment we can fix the disorders in our body. The basic requirement to sort out any health issue is to be honest and authentic to self and acquire the ability to take difficult decisions and get out of stress situations. It is mandatory transform discomfort/disease into learning by taking appropriate action to sort out preexisting beliefs, values, perceptions and understandings.

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