Ronny had a BMW M6 with him (approx Rs.1,23,47,414/-), he was a casual driver like anyone of us. Now having such a car is everyone’s dream but he was lucky to have it. Ronny had hired two special professionals, one who would look after the engineering of the car and the other would instruct him on how to drive the car. Just like that BMW M6 our bodies are unique and magnificent structure, which needs two special professionals one is the physician and the other is a health coach. The physician looks after the engineering of your body and the health coach instructs you on how to keep you going.

Every day there is news about Obesity, Alcohol Addictions, Suicides, Rapes, Abuses, Murders and chronic diseases and illnesses. Now all of us know habits are hard to break and habits such as smoking, addictions of alcohol, tobacco, drugs, overeating are difficult even to understand. Doctors are for diagnosing and treating but they are not trained in changing people’s behaviours, attitudes, beliefs, lifestyle etc. So whom does one have to consult in such cases?

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