A concerned mother of a four-year-old child approached me for her stammering problem. Stammering is all about vocal cord paralysis. The child is trying to say something but cannot say it because either she does not know how to say it , or she is scared  and does not like what she is seeing. She may attempt to say something but can’t. I suspected there might be something in the parents’ relationship that might be causing the stammering and asked discussed it with them. However, according to them, their marriage was perfect.

However, after meeting them, I found that the child’s father was having a affair with his wife’s best friend and the child could not tell her mum that she found it odd that dad was kissing another woman. This then led to stammering.

Today this couple has worked on their issues and the child is much better. She only stammers if she sees her parents fight or her mom crying’.

This is the true story as narrated by our expert Anu Mehta, Master in META-Healing, the only Indian to be bestowed with this honourable title. Pavitra Sampath from the health.india.com team caught up with her to find out a little more about META healing.

Pavitra: What is META-Health?

Anu: META- Health is a diagnostic tool and not a therapy. Formerly called META-Medicine, the META-Health process is an integrated approach to good health and wellness. It helps you understand the health challenges you face that seem to have no reasonable explanation. It explains the role of stress in your health and of physiological, psychological, emotional, spiritual and environmental triggers in the disease process. Presenting an insight into the process of disease and illness, it links a certain kind of stress and the actual disease caused by it, thereby helping you in identifying the specific reaction to a certain life event and a belief system that results in ill health.

Meta-Health not only explains the causes of a biological shock and how this shock affects an organ, the brain and the heart simultaneously, but also how one can recognize the signs. It deals with the issue pro-actively in a manner that allows one to heal completely and permanently from physiological and psychological health issues. META-Health closely deals with the fact that the body, mind and social aspects of our life are interconnected and ties it in with the art of self-healing.

Pavitra: How does it work?

Anu: Meta-Health as mentioned earlier is not a healing tool, but a diagnostic tool.  The META-Healing process which is now called ACE (Advanced Clearing Energetics) delivers people to wellness, taking the complex bits out, providing incredible results. This revolutionary new addition to integrative health options works seamlessly with other alternative models (EFT, NLP, matrix reimprinting, NES, conventional medicine, alternative/complementary medicine and therapies etc.) to find the trapped energy in the body and clear it out. The beauty is in its simplicity.

Pavitra: What does it aim to achieve?

Anu: Negative thoughts and feelings get captured in the brain when any stressful event occurs in one’s life. The stressful event will most probably be like a high intensity, 15-second movie in which anything perceived by any of the sensory organs such as the eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin will get captured in the brain, organ and heart. Once the stressful event is dealt with, the negative thoughts and feels can also be dealt with. The main aim of META- Health is to deal with not just emotions but triggers. Like, I mentioned earlier our perception of an event is because of what we see, hear, think, feel , taste and smell. For example, when a mother who rejects her newly born baby the baby might develop milk allergy, since it associates the smell of its mother with the smell of milk. The child may develop lactose intolerance because he/she may feel rejected by the mother. If we can clean up these triggers then we can de-stress the body and also put the person mind and body at ease. A Meta- Health practitioner will find the stressful event which caused the disease and find out answers to questions like:

  • Why does one have a disease?
  • How long will it last?
  • Why did you get the disease when you got it?

Pavitra: How do I learn META-Health?

Anu: You should ideally study META-Health under a  trained master. I am currently the only META-Health Master trainer in India. The workshops I offer  are – META-Health introductory level (a 3-day course), META-Health level 2 (a 4-day course) amd META-Health level 3 (a 5-day course). After completing the 3 levels you become META-Health Practitioner (META-P). You can learn more about the course, here.

Pavitra: Once you find the root of a problem how do you go about healing it?

Anu: Once you find the cause of the problem then the issue can be diffused by using any therapy that you already know. So it is an amazing tool which can integrate with any modality of healing.  We generally use Emotional freedom Technique and higher level of EFT called Matrix reimprinting , NLP, hypnosis or ACE. When I know why I have an issue then the solution can be very easy. We also work with epigenetic and Genealogy patterns running in the family. It is truly a complete healing tool.

Pavitra: Can it cure/reverse lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease etc.?

Anu: It works on everything right from a mole on the face, pimples, bone issues to cancer. It also helps us understand heart attacks, role of cholesterol and chronic pain. We can also deal with psychological issues like Bipolar and aggressive behaviour and many other mental health issues. Working with Meta-Health process has given me more than a few insights into things.  I have realized that secrets are a great recipe for health problems. We love to hide information because we feel we are protecting others and ourselves, but we obliviously end up doing the reverse. We also run patterns in generations and this leads to people following patterns in there own life. These patterns can also lead to diseases. It is also how we perceive the stressful event that will create a different kind of disease.  If one feels that he/she cannot survive, he/she may create water retention/digestion problems in their body. If the person feels that he/she is not feeling protected then he/she may create skin issues like dermatitis and pimples. It is almost like saying I need to be thick skinned. Issues of not feeling good enough may create bone issues/muscle issues. Issues of feeling separation and not being able to mark one’s territory can create epidermis issues like eczema. Conflict of separation is the biggest cause of depression. Studies have proven that kids who are separated from their mother at birth for more than six months can have slow physical and mental growth. Sexual, physical and verbal abuse in childhood can cause major problems in adulthood. Unfortunately this is also the biggest secret people carry.

After working with Meta-Medicine and Meta-Healing, a girl who was told that she would not be able to conceive, conceived the baby in the first IVF cycle. In another case, one’s eczema completely disappeared once his separation issue was resolved. A boy of 28 years had pimples for 20 years. 3 sessions in Meta-Medicine and Meta-Healing completely healed his pimples and sweat issues.

Pavitra: Does it work on children as well?

Anu: Yes , It does work with children . My youngest client so far has been a four-year-old.  My youngest student is about 14 years of age.

Children, generally teenagers, have come to me for counselling either after having experienced sexual abuse with no one to turn to or they were scared they would be homosexual. Experimenting with sex leads some teens to lead a ‘double’ life while trying to conform to the rules at home and the peer pressure at school or college.

Due to the cut-throat competition these days, children are experiencing an inability to please their parents who want to settle for nothing but the best for their kids. This creates immense pressure and thus ill-health.

Pavitra: You said you work a lot with children who have special needs. How does it help them?

Anu:  I have worked a lot with autistic children. According to META-Health, autism affects a child in the mother’s womb when the mother goes through a disconnect with her unborn child.

Source: http://health.india.com/diseases-conditions/meta-healing-understanding-the-why-of-disease-before-healing-it/