• The world is limitlessly abundant. Anything you could ever want or dream of is out there waiting for you. Billions of humans and almost unlimited earthly recourses mean all dreams of the heart and mind are real and can be fulfilled.
  • We are allowed to be happy. Happiness has been the most sought after, yet simultaneously
    feared aspiration ever known to humanity. Choose it and it will choose you.
  • Our lives are our responsibility. Every aspect of your life as it is in this moment is a direct result of every decision you have made up until now. If we affirm that every decision we make will be guided to work for a better tomorrow, then it is so.
  • Take advice cautiously. You can never hope to have a happier life than those whose advice you follow. Learn what you need to from others, but know when to let go.
  • Embrace your humanity. Do not think that working with higher energy means you should be impervious to human emotions. Process all emotions and affirm that only the lessons that serve you will remain, all else we immediately release.
  • Explore your individuality. Your path is completely unique; do not compare your life to others. No one can keep you from the life you desire unless you give him or her the power to do so. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is the freedom to live at your own pace.
  • Watch your thoughts. There is a fine line between fear and caution; ask yourself ‘why’ you are guided to make the decisions you make. Fear based decisions lead to a fear based reality. When you let yourself believe that positive thoughts lead to a positive reality, fear shows its true, pointless face.
  • Like attracts like. The energy of your thoughts directly affects the reality around you. Even if you have no idea what you want in life, you know exactly how you want your life to feel. Put that energy out to the world, tell the universe that you chose a life that feels this complete and fulfilled.
  • There is no time like the present. If you are human, you have lessons to learn, if you wait until you are ‘perfect’ to start helping you may never start. No matter where you are progressively and spiritually in this moment, someone else in the world aspires to be there. Start sharing what you learn as you learn it, and we can all grow together.
  • Love is the source. All energy start and ends with the high vibration of heavenly love; start sending love to the world, and it will reciprocate abundantly. When you truly hold yourself in a place of service to the universe you will be swiftly and easily guided to your unique role in life. Keep your heart open to the universe and the universe will keep its doors open to you.
  • Abundance starts within you. If you do not first give yourself permission to succeed, no one else will. If you know you are meant to do great things, believe you are capable of them. The world is evolving from an age of control to an age of possibility; make the shift within yourself right now.

Source: Charles Virtue Newsletters.