Meta-Health Basic Course

Meta-Health Course Details – Basic 2-Day Training


  • META-Health Models.
  • Body’s Healing Intelligence.
  • Subjective Association of Reality and Traumatic Events.
  • Traumas, Stress Triggers, Emotions and the Cause of Disease.
  • Brain layers and their Organ Connection (Charts, Wiki).
  • Organ Reactions under Stress and Regeneration.
  • Major Points and Phases of the Healing process.
  • The Alarm Function / Tracks.


  • General understanding of the tissue reaction principles under stress and regeneration.
  • Ability to apply the principles in different tissues.
  • Knowing how to use the organ directory / META-Wiki.
  • Emotion and beliefs elicitation.
  • Extensive Live Analysis Demos by Master Trainer.
  • Extensive Analysis Exercises and Practices.

Meta-Health Master Trainer: Dr Anu Mehta

Meta-Health Speaker: Dr Aliakbar Maimoon

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